Support Asahi Linux

Asahi Linux was started by marcan as a Patreon-funded project, and he is currently aiming to raise enough pledges to allow him to work on Asahi Linux full-time on both GitHub sponsors and Patreon. If you would like to contribute to this cause financially, head over to GitHub sponsors or the Patreon campaign (GitHub Sponsors is preferred as it has lower fees). You can also make one-time donations on GitHub sponsors.

Porting Linux to Apple Silicon is no small task - certainly not something that can be accomplished only with spare-time hacking. Having one full-time dedicated developer on the project will allow it to advance at a steady pace and ensure that everything is paid the proper attention.

Excess funds will be used to support the project in other ways, and to fund other contributors and other projects that Asahi Linux depends on as things advance.

Some other contributors also have their own fundraising platforms: