If you’re interested in the project, you’re welcome to drop by! Check out ways in which you can contribute.

Please remember that all community members are expected to abide by our Code of Conduct.


Most development and project discussion takes place on IRC. We have several channels on the OFTC IRC network:

  • #asahi [logs · matrix] - General project discussion
  • #asahi-dev [logs · matrix] - Development discussion
  • #asahi-re [logs · matrix] - Reverse engineering (hardware/firmware interfaces/etc)
  • #asahi-gpu [logs · matrix] - GPU reverse engineering and development

Even if you don’t plan to speak, feel free to join and idle in the above channels if you’d like to follow the discussion.

There is also a Matrix to OFTC bridge that you can use to join the above channels from Matrix. You can click the links labelled ‘matrix’ to join the respective rooms.

Note: Due to spambot attacks, we currently only allow users connecting with TLS to join the channels. Please make sure your IRC client is set to enable TLS and connect to on port 6697.


Our working documentation is maintained in a GitHub Wiki.


You will also find official announcements and information on the Asahi Linux Twitter account.

In addition, marcan sometimes posts updates and community information on his Patreon page, which funds this project, and the comments on the posts may have additional information.